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HIFU or High Intensity Focused Ultrasound

Is a revolutionary non-surgical treatment primarily
used for Facelifting and Collagen Remodelling


Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing

Is a Non-Invasive method of removing, reducing, and reshaping stubborn areas of fat from the body

HIFU Treatments
Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing Treatments
IPL Skin Rejuvenation Treatments
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Hello and welcome to Nue Skin Clinic Milton Keynes.


Fat-Freezing, Milton Keynes


Find us at: Nue Clinic, Zental, 11 Watling Street, Fenny Stratford, Milton Keynes, MK2 2BU

At Nue Skin Clinic, we offer a wide of Non-Surgical Aesthetic treatments, specialising in both face and body and suitable for both Men and Women.

We tailor our consultations to your individual needs, ensuring you receive the best advice and treatment for you.

Our most popular treatments include:



HIFU (or High-intensity focused ultrasound) is a new non-invasive facelift and bodylift treatment, it aims to tighten and lift the skin, particularly focusing on the neck, jowls, eyelids, and stubborn pockets of fat and loose skin around the body. There are no incisions, no scarring, and no required downtime.



UK’s No.1 IPL manufacturer & leading NHS supplier, the EXCELIGHT available at Nue Clinic. Offering permanent hair reduction and a wide range of skin rejuvenation treatments, the EXCELIGHT IPL is widely regarded by many Dermatologists as the most clinically effective IPL in the marketplace.



Cryolipolysis is a non-invasive technique that reduces targeted pockets of fat beneath the skin. The treatment utilises controlled cooling to eliminate fat cells without damaging the surrounding tissues. It is especially effective in addressing stubborn areas that are resistant to conventional fat loss methods and areas with irregular fat distribution.

Nue Skin Clinic Approach

Our mission at the Nue Skin Clinic is to help individuals to enhance their natural beauty and confidence through safe and innovative aesthetic treatments.

We strive to provide exceptional care and personalised solutions to help everyone achieve their treatment goals.

We have a welcoming and inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and supported throughout their aesthetic journey.

We aim to empower our clients to make informed decisions about their treatments, ensuring their well-being and long-term happiness.

At Nue Skin Clinic, we believe that true beauty comes from within, and we are dedicated to helping our clients embrace their unique qualities and achieve their desired aesthetic goals.

Non Surgical Treatments Milton Keynes


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    Hello beautiful,

    It’s true what you’ve heard…

    True beauty really does come from within.

    It’s important to be reminded of this.

    Especially as we live in a world that constantly bombards us with imagery perpetuating high and sometimes unrealistic beauty standards.

    At Nue Skin Clinic Milton Keynes, we believe in helping you to embrace your unique qualities.

    You’re already beautiful in your own right.

    But we understand the importance of helping you feel your very best.

    This is why we support you in achieving your desired aesthetic goals without sacrificing your natural beauty.

    No needles, no surgery, no overdone looks.

    No incisions or scarring.

    We’d love to help you achieve your desired aesthetic goals.

    So, you can look great and feel great too.

    Would you like that?

    We’d love that for you.

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      "They have four boys ranging in age from ten to three years old. “I have a Blackberry just to keep their schedules straight!"
      Kimberly Barker
      Santa Monica, CA
      "Comparing teeth whitening prices here and elsewhere, I picked MagicLab. The result was beyond my expectations!"
      Zack Effron
      Santa Monica, CA
      "Taking my kids to a dentist has never been easier. They just loved the welcoming and warm atmosphere"
      Gary Growles
      Santa Monica, CA


      sarah taylorsarah taylor
      11:46 23 Jan 24
      Babs at Nue Clinic is amazing I have had IPL laser on my face and neck a few times the results are amazing, I have suffered from Rosacea and broken capillaries for a long time have tried a lot of things over the years but this works and does wonders for the skin. Would highly recommend.
      Pippa PerryPippa Perry
      19:39 19 Jan 24
      Highly recommend 😊 Babs has the skill of being highly professional as well as really friendly and easy to be with. I've just had one treatment so far but am pleased with it so far and feel confident about the next one
      Georgina JonesGeorgina Jones
      15:41 12 Dec 23
      Today I had radio frequency treatment .I found it very relaxing and not at all uncomfortable .Once again Babs made me feel at ease and she is so lovely and warm .I highly recommend going to see her .
      yinyee Hoyinyee Ho
      18:51 05 Dec 23
      I’ve been to the clinic doing different facial treatments for a few years. Highly recommend! Babs always makes me feel so reassured and relaxed, she is so informative and professional. My skin has been transformed and I feel much more confident.
      S qajmbS qajmb
      14:14 05 Dec 23
      Babs is so lovely, calming and kind.She is so knowledgeable and professional. My skin looks and feels glowing.
      sharon mcnerneysharon mcnerney
      17:32 18 Nov 23
      I have been a client of Babs for many years. Babs is very friendly and knowledgeable. I have suffered with roseaca for years now. I have laser treatment to target the tiny blood vessels responsible for redness and facial flushing . The treatment is very effective. Highly recommended.
      Aimee TaddersAimee Tadders
      19:10 31 Oct 23
      Babs is welcoming, friendly and so knowledgable. I suffered badly with acne but after my treatments with Babs, my skin is now completely clear and I very rarely have any breakouts at all! I cannot recommend Nue Clinic enough!
      13:52 26 Sep 23
      Babs is a really knowledgable and professional Clinical Therapist who takes great care in making you feel welcome and at ease during procedures. She is very friendly and always ensures the clinic is meticulously clean and well-presented.
      Janet HoJanet Ho
      08:41 18 Dec 22
      Very professional. I trusted the treatments and advice. I had a body wrap and gold facial and massage. Such a fantastic relaxing feeling. I think this would make a fantastic gift for someone. Or just simply spoil yourself. I am looking forward to my next visit.
      Chris ThorpeChris Thorpe
      07:48 04 Nov 22
      This is a lovely place to go to for facials any other beautifying products that you require. Babs is one of the nicest people you could meet, she discusses what you need to help you in your beauty treatments, and makes you feel lovely before and after your treatments, thoroughly recommend Nue Clinic.
      Katherine PictonKatherine Picton
      16:58 28 Oct 22
      I have been visiting Nue clinic and Babs for about 4/5 months now. Babs is lovely and so welcoming. The treatments are very well explained and Babs is very accommodating with appointments and times/availability. Babs is great at putting you at ease and I never feel uncomfortable with her. I couldn't do these treatments with anyone else and I was able to enjoy being at the beach with my children this summer.
      Lisa BoddingtonLisa Boddington
      10:40 25 Jul 22
      This is my go to place for all beauty treatments. Babs is lovely and very knowledgeable. Highly recommendI have definitely noticed a difference in my shape.I wouldn't go anywhere else. I always feel amazing when I've had a treatment. Five stars *****
      Sophia SSophia S
      18:43 10 Jun 22
      I have been having various treatments with Babs for almost a year now. Babs is absolutely amazing and very knowledgable. She has always made me feel at ease during my sessions and has been very accommodating if I’ve needed to change any appointments.The treatments I’ve had have certainly helped. I look forward to continuing my treatments and seeing Babs.Highly recommend.
      "I had 8 sessions of non invasive Lipo with Babs on an area which I have been struggling with since birth. I had fat lumps on my legs since I was a baby! After my 8 sessions the difference wasn’t just noticeable, I could feel it in the way I walked and it gave me a new sense of confidence! The treatments are super professional and really friendly!"
      Mummy Tummy Package Review
      "The Complexion Package offered by Babs at Nue Clinic have definitely given me back my pre-lockdown glow. 3 super facials and great value!"
      The Complexion Package Review
      "Such a lovely environment & Babs makes you feel super comfortable & at ease! Would defo recommend if you need a little pampering or a peachy butt!"
      Brazilian Bum Lift Review


      Dr. Marco Rossi


      Dr. Joe Miller


      Dr. Zoe Johnson




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