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CASE STUDIES AND REVIEWS Rated 5 Stars on Facebook and Google

At Nue Clinic, we pride ourselves on providing the best quality of treatments with the professional care deserve. Because of this, we’ve achieved an overall rating of 5 Stars across Facebook and Google.

Take a look at some of the comments clients have shared about their experience here at Nue Clinic and get a better idea of what to expect when you come in for a treatment.


HIFU Case Study

Caroline Age 75 – “My skin has improved a great deal! It feels tighter all over and my cheeks feel especially lovely. My top lip which always bothered me is a lot better. My friends who I haven’t seen in a while noticed a change and said how good I looked. I’m enjoying the results!”

HIFU Case Study

Kirsty Age 48 – “Well informed, pre, post and during treatment. No hard sell or empty promises. Babs knows exactly when to chat, when to reassure and when to let you relax and enjoy the experience. I loved the fact that she was as excited as I was to see the results!

Even if it takes a year for you to save up, I would highly recommend HIFU with Babs as it’s worth every single penny!!”

Sculpt and Slim Package Case Study

Name- Sam
Age- 52
Treatment- Sculpt & Slim Package

1) What were your concerns about your body and why?
My concerns were my tummy, having had a botched hysterectomy I needed corrective surgery but that also needed to be corrected. I really didn’t want to have surgery again and so I researched and found Nue Clinic

2) What were your expectations of the treatment?
My expectations were good I was confident it would help reduce the fat

3) Have your expectations been met, and what are your observations about your body now?
Yes my expectations have been met and exceeded!

4) What was your overall experience like?
My experience was just brilliant. Babs is just amazing!
She talked me through everything and explained it all to me and what to do and not to do, which I rigidly stuck to. I need to increase my exercise but that will be in a month’s time.
Babs is so kind, completely non judgemental, incredibly knowledgeable and super friendly.

Mummy Tummy Package Review

“I had 8 sessions of non invasive Lipo with Babs on an area which I have been struggling with since birth. I had fat lumps on my legs since I was a baby! After my 8 sessions the difference wasn’t just noticeable, I could feel it in the way I walked and it gave me a new sense of confidence! The treatments are super professional and really friendly!”

The Complexion Package Review

“The Complexion Package offered by Babs at Nue Clinic have definitely given me back my pre-lockdown glow. 3 super facials and great value!”

Katherine's Review

“I have been visiting Nue clinic and Babs for about 4/5 months now. Babs is lovely and so welcoming. The treatments are very well explained and Babs is very accommodating with appointments and times/availability. Babs is great at putting you at ease and I never feel uncomfortable with her. I couldn’t do these treatments with anyone else and I was able to enjoy being at the beach with my children this summer.”

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